Knox Roxs — Jennifer White-Johnson + Kevin T.Johnson + Kevin T.Johnson III

Published by Homie House Press 
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Review By Hannah Coleman:

The oversized format of Knox Roxs is so brilliant. For one, it allows readers to be enveloped in it’s gorgeous full bleed photography. But more importantly, by taking up physical space it sends an important message. It’s size is a corrective act of resistance to the underrepresentation of black autistic joy.

Interspersed into this intimate photojournalistic series of images, large, and brightly colored, typography reinforce the books messages. Quotes such as “being autistic is being true to yourself in a world that would rather you be invisible” and “our children are not burdens [...] they don’t need to be fixed”, are written in candy bright color that dissent from a place of joy. The book even comes with two duo tone risograph prints, which double both as artwork and protest posters. These prints act as an invitation to readers to take up the movement work.

A collaboration between Jennifer White-Johnson, her husband Kevin T. Johnson, and their son Kevin T. Johnson III (who at the time preferred the nickname ‘Knox’) the book seeks to elevate and center Kevin’s voice. As his dad states the books introduction, “my goal is not simply to show my story as a parent - but his story as an autistic child. The desire is to provide him the space to communicate on his own terms, whatever that entails”.

The physical book is sold out, but is available for $5 digital download at Homie House Press’ web store.

© All Copyrights to the artists  

Edition of 100
Soft Cover
72 page
Staple Bound
full color digital
2 inserts, Risograph duo-tone posters
United States
No visible ISBN
10 x 13 inches