Childish Books (Cb) is a project that seeks to amplify, aggregate, and archive unique artist books and zine projects which could be enjoyed by a “child audience,” however defined. We believe that these books represent voices and issues often left out of mainstream publishing, and therefore feel it is important that they reach young hands. Through interviews, reviews, publications, and exhibitions, we hope to generate dialogue and community around these great works. We love projects that are informed by children and/or childhood culture, made collaboratively with children, or create open dialogue with children from a place of value and respect. Our hope is to prioritize children within the zine and artbook world. Follow us on social media at @childish.books.


Childish Books is run by Hannah Coleman (they/them). Hannah is a South Portland, Maine based book maker and beach comber. They got their start in independent publishing as a work exchange at Endless Editions, where they volunteered for four years. Hannah also co-organizes the Brooklyn Art Book Fair and is the creator of blobs feeling things. 

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Please note: All copyright credits are reserved for the artists listed.