Moments— Anna Sellheim

Self Published 2018 ︎ See Artist’s Website 

Review by Hannah Coleman: 

A dog curls up in a ball. A person nods along to music from their headphones. Someone lets out a big laugh. Moments, this low-key sixteen page zine is a celebration of quiet instances of intimacy. On each page Anna Sellheim draws in a four panel comic format to wordlessly capture these small slices of life.  The script on the title page, which looks to be written in colored pencil or crayon, reinforces the book’s theme by lending a hand touched feel. This quality carries throughout the waxy, full color illustrations which flow easefully together. The pacing and subtle detail encourage endless enjoyabale re-readings.

While a couple of the vignettes illustrate acts that readers might expect to find in such a series (holding hands, and waking up in the middle of a night to touch a co-sleeper’s shoulder) most of the comics subtly push typical portrayals of intimacy. Whereas closeness tends to be presented as something shared in a couple, the vast majority of the drawings portray solo people having an intimate moment alone; a person satisfaction’s when putting on a bright lipstick. Tucking hair behind an ear as it blows in the wind. Even a dog curling up in a ball on the floor is thrown in the mix, suggesting we expand our thinking beyond the human. Pushing convention further, not all the moments were warm and fuzzy, perhaps hinting that being vulnerable and open can equally lead to intimate feelings of pain. In this sequence, the zine includes a surprised eye roll and hanging up on a phone call in frustration. Sellheim elevates these experiences as equal with the rest by including them throughout. While both coupled, solo, non-human, and difficult moments are shown experience by a range of beings, I was surprised not to find any portrayals of group or community based intimacy present. This aside, it was great that intimacy is not framed as something sexual or even necessarily physical,  making this piece a wonderful choice for Asexual spectrum readers.

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© All Copyrights to the artist, Anna Sellheim

16 page
Staple Bound 
Full color
United States 
No visible ISBN

5.5 x 8.5 inches