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Like many titles published by Homie House Press, Home in the other (HITO) is an incredible example of zine making as community making. Facilitated by Adriana Monslave, this collaborative action asked students in Chris Metzger’s 241 Photo class at Stevenson University in Baltimore, Maryland to pair up with a classmate they didn’t know well. Through photography and writing, each pair spent 30 minutes engaging with each other and finding some point of connection or commonality. The resulting images and excerpts make up the content of this unique work. HOME in the other shows how photography can reflect more than a single artist’s vision, and could instead be a space of community visioning. It asks, how might creating zines also craft kinship?

Four nesting and twice folded A3 posters comprise this unbound book. On each poster’s exterior panels, a students’ name and photographic artwork is represented. The corresponding interior sections reflect their prose about the experience.

The students’ writings hold observations ranging from surface to poetic, simple to profound. Many connected over clothing and aesthetic choices, while one pair found affinity in their desire to hide and be unseen. The book’s color portrait photographs take on the warmth of the pink paper stock, and the loose posters beg to be handled, held, examined, and rearranged. In addition to being unbound, the project itself is open ended - a blurb on the title page invites readers to participate: “If you feel connected to it, please find an acquaintance / new individual you do not know and do this action together. Send your images and text to homiehousepress@gmail.com.” While this edition is comprised of college students, the action is ageless and timely.

© All Copyrights to the artists

Edition of 22
Unbound series of poster folds
Homie House Press
4.5 x 7.25 inches