Cosas Para OlvidarIrma Sepulveda 

Published by Microeditorial Amistad 2018
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Review by Hannah Coleman:

Cosas Para Olvidar has a childlike sensibility. The title, written in an unsteady hand, appears as if its author has only just learned their letters. This is emphasized by the the final “R,” written backwards. Framing the bottom of the zine, the author’s name is scrawled in perfect grade school cursive.

The enigmatic interior images are wordless, a series of seemingly unrelated multimedia works held together by the book’s title as “things to forget”. A collage of four hovering heads, eyes closed with different colors of hair, seem to correspond to an adjacent page of four combs. Images range from an intricate small skeleton in front of an ominous headless figure, to a very simple composition of floating blue socks and what looks like lined paper drawn in colored pencil.

In this micro-edition of 30 books, each is completely hand-crafted and unique. Many spreads are created in delicate collage that create a great dimensionality and incredible tactile experience. The author also emphasis a textural read by using a variety of papers, from vellum to cardstock.

Cosas Para Olvidar was published by Santiago based publisher Microeditorial Amistad, a collaborative and feminist microeditorial. The imprint hopes to share “ideas and images that allow us to reflect on everyday life and explore the local material reality.” They really hit their mark with this true work of art.

© All Copyrights to the artist, Irma Sepulveda

Edition of 30
16 page 
Saddle Stitch
No visible ISBN
4.5 x 7.25 inches